Top 5 NFL Stadiums to Visit Before You Die

The 1970s brought the cookie-cutter, multi-purpose stadium to the National Football League, as the old saying goes if you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

In today’s NFL, new stadiums often define the city and the local fan base, as the goal is for these structures to become their own mini-communities that gets better with age. They offer an abundance of parking and less congested concourses that allows the fans to get to their seats on time before the opening kickoff.

Here are the top five NFL stadiums to visit before you die:

AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is affectionately known as “Jerry’s World,” which refers to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He has built the largest venue in the NFL, as AT&T Stadium holds more than 100,000 fans each Sunday. No question, everything offered inside the stadium is over the top, whether it’s the enormous center-hung video board to the elaborate choreographed dancing routines by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. This new building design has heavily influenced what’s offered in other professional sports facilities since its opening. Too often, first-time visitors forget that an actual football game is being played because of all of the theatrics taking place.

CenturyLink Field

The roof on top of CenturyLink Field is used more frequently in European soccer venues than American football stadiums. This subtle change offers the loudest stadium environment for a visiting team to play in, as “The Link” has become an ideal homefield advantage for the Seattle Seahawks. The franchise feeds off the “12th Man” philosophy, as they offer merchandise at the team store and fans have responded by wearing the #12 jersey all throughout the stadium. Limited parking is available, which makes pregame tailgating almost an impossible task. However, the local bars (Seattle Alehouse is the most popular choice) surrounding CenturyLink Field are often three-deep with patrons prior to the kickoff. Also, the Seahawks offer a free fan village called Touchdown City, which is located on the north side of CenturyLink Field.

Lambeau Field

There’s no more sacred ground in professional football than Lambeau Field, as it’s neatly tucked away inside a quiet Green Bay neighborhood. The outside of Lambeau Field doesn’t do justice for the majestic atmosphere found inside the turnstiles. Hardcore Green Bay Packer fans feel the best food option is a bratwurst from Kroll’s, which is directly across the street from the entrance of Lambeau Field.

Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium recently underwent a $375 million facelift that will help to preserve the building for hopefully eternity. It’s one of the most uniquely shaped stadiums in the NFL, as Arrowhead Stadium features some of the best sightlines in all of football. The Kansas City Chief fans are loud and stand for all four quarters regardless of the score. The tailgate scene outside in the parking lot is hands down the best in the league, as the revelers arrive early and leave late. This enables them to showcase their own grilling technique in a city famous for its barbecue. The high-energy environment found inside Arrowhead Stadium is great for the home team and the fans, but less than ideal for the visiting team.

Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium is one of the most spacious sports venues in the United States, as the standing room section is larger than what other NFL stadiums offer to their patrons. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft privately built this venue 13 years ago, and recently added a 20,000 square-foot business center on the site to add further revenue, as it can host a number of corporate events. In an ode to the team’s name, Gillette Stadium offers a nautical motif. The best attraction is the giant lighthouse, which is an ideal photo opportunity when it’s lit during late afternoon or evening contests. There’s a number of food options offered outside of Gillette Stadium, as bars and restaurants are located in the surrounding area. Premium season ticketholders can enjoy pregame party inside an exclusive stadium club on the southeast side of Gillette Stadium prior to each home game.

Best Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

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Caesars Palace
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10 Craziest College Football Stadiums

This ranking of the top 10 College Football Stadiums is my personal opinion. Some of it is based on the history of the stadium, on who my favorite teams are, but in fairness, the rivals made my list too because I know how to be a good sport. (and they deserve to be on the list).
Honorable Mentions: Florida St., North Dakota St, and Boise St (they have a blue field that’s pretty cool).
Counting down …

10. UCLA-Built in 1922, UCLA began playing there in 1982, It was last renovated in 1949. Capacity: 92,542
My reason for selecting this stadium have to with the rest of its history. It is a registered National Historical Landmark, and it hosted Olympic Events in 1932 and 1944. It hosted 5 super Bowls and several Fifa World Cup and Women’s World cup matches. It has a spectacular mountain view. The Rose Bowl, and the Rose Bowl Parade and the Rose Bowl Royal Court are all part of its rich history. This stadium is an American Icon.

9. Michigan-Michigan Stadium “The Big House” Built in 1927, Last renovated 2010 Capacity 109,901
In 2013, 130 tons of trash was recycled from the stadium. In 2014 it hosted the NHL Winter Classic. In all fairness, Michigan is not one of my favorites but I have to give their fans mad props as they get fired up! Especially during the Ohio State rivalry game.

8. Army-Michie Stadium Built 1929 Renovated 2003 Capacity 38,000
There is a breathtaking view overlooking the Hudson River. There is a sense of pride in the stands at every game. The Army-Navy game has only been played at this stadium once in 1943 during WWII as it’s not big enough to house the normal crowd in attendance at this game. FYI: Army-Navy Week is insane at the Pentagon. I used to love the week leading up to the game as a kid and would beg my mom to take me into work with her. The Navy band would come down the Army hall playing loudly and vice versa.

7. Penn State-Beaver Stadium Built 1960 Renovated 2001 capacity 106,572
Fun fact: this was the first stadium to have its interior included in Goggle street view. They have the annual white out game. It is a sight to behold, everyone in the stands in all white, it is spectacular.

6. Tennessee – Neyland Stadium- Built 1921 Renovated 2009 Capacity 102,455
Peyton Manning played here. (That says it all.) They win 3 in 4 home games in this stadium they have never had more than 4 back to back losses at home. In 1970 The Billy Graham Crusade was held here and President Richard Nixon was the guest speaker. The Pride of Southland does a memorable formation called the “Circle” Drill representing a travel around Tennessee back home to Knoxville.

5. Auburn -Jordan-Hare Stadium Built 1939 Renovated 2004 Capacity 87,541
They have won 79% of their home games. On football Saturday they become the 5th biggest city in Alabama. Eye of the Tiger is played when the defense takes the field and Crazy Train when there is a third down stop. They have Aubie, the Tiger as their official mascot. Despite popular belief, the Eagle is not a mascot. “War Eagle” is a battle cry or motto. However, a live Eagle mascot is at every game flying above the stadium.

4. Texas A & M -Kyle Field Built 1927 Renovated 2015 Capacity 102, 733
It’s the largest stadium in the SEC. It’s the most intimidating to play in mostly because of the 12th Man- loudest most coordinated student section in America. They are considered the unofficial 12th man on the field.

3. LSU—Tiger Stadium Built 1924 Renovated 2014 102,321
These are some fierce fans. In 1988 LSU QB Tommy Hudson completed a TD pass to Eddie Fowler; the resulting reaction from the crowd was so strong it registered on an Earthquake Seismograph on campus. Until the 1980s dorm rooms were located under the stands, these rooms are now used as offices and storage.

2. Ohio State the Horseshoe Built 1922 Renovated 2001 Capacity 102,239
Best Damn Band in the Land. Personally, I look up YouTube videos of this band they are unstoppable when it comes to choreography. They have had the honor of marching in 6 inaugural parades. They have set up a program to divert 90% of waste to recycling and composting. After a rousing cry of O-H-I-O- students at one end can be heard shouting Rip his F’ing head off (especially against Michigan) the school has tried to encourage students to stop using this and instead say, Go Bucks, …but no such luck!!!

1. Alabama: Built in 1929, Renovated in 2010, Capacity: 101,821.
Over 60%-win ratio in their home stadium. The visitor’s locker room is called “the Fail Room” named after alumni and donor James M. Fail. Until the 1990s the Iron Bowl was held at Legion field in Birmingham thus Alabama has a lot of “home” wins there. Alabama Fans are like no other. Tailgating on the Quad. Like a mini tent city before every home game. Food and merchandise vendors are there as well. This is serious tailgating. These fans take their game day serious. Across the state of Alabama fans can be seen decked out even if watching the game from home.


5 Worst NFL Stadiums for Opposing Fans

Attending an NFL game can be one of the best experiences that you can have as a sports fan. You will get to see two NFL teams play against each other and be part of a very lively atmosphere with nearly 70,000 fans. However, there are some venues that are not very friendly to those who root for the home team’s opponent. These stadiums have established a reputation as being some of the worst places to go when you are an opposing fan. With venues such as the Oakland Coliseum, Lincoln Financial Field, Arrowhead Stadium, Lambeau Field and Gillete Stadium, fans who root for the home team’s opponent will likely have to deal with some harassment and rowdy behavior from fans.

The fist stadium that is known to be one of the most hostile to opposing fans is the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California. This is the home stadium of the Raiders and is known to have quite a few fans who are loud, vulgar and nasty. There is a section behind one of the endzones known as the Black Hole where you have some of the rowdiest fans in the entire sport. Whenever there are fans who root for the Raiders’ opponent, the fans will usually call them names, make offensive remarks to them as well as pour beer on them as well. As a result, attending a Raiders game at the Oakland Coliseum can be quite an ordeal if you root for any opponent of the Raiders, especially teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers.

Another one of the toughest stadiums to visit as an opposing fan is Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia fans are among the most passionate but also the rowdiest in all of sports. This stadium which is the home field of the Eagles is no exception when it comes to hostile venues. Over the years, Philadelphia fans have established reputation as being among the most hostile fans in the NFL. In fact the previous stadium that the Eagles used to play at had a jail inside of it. While things have improved recently, Lincoln Financial Field is still in Philadelphia and if you are a fan of a visiting team, you will probably deal with vulgar remarks from fans. This is especially the case if you are rooting for one of the Eagles’ traditional rivals such as the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and the Washington Redskins.

Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City is among the most hostile places to attend an NFL game as an opposing fan. While the Kansas City fans may not be as vulgar and hostile as the fans in Oakland and Philadelphia, they are still quite passionate and intense. The fans of the Chiefs are very loud and are quite tough on opposing teams due to the noise they make. Fans of the Chiefs may also make negative remarks to fans who are rooting for the home team’s opponent. At Arrowhead Stadium, you may experience some hostility from fans if you root for teams such as the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders.

The historic Lambeau Field is one venue that is great to attend a game but much better if you are a Packers fan. As a fan of their opponent, the fans of Lambeau Field will not be too receptive to you since the Packers are a beloved team in Green Bay. However, Packers fans at Lambeau Field are not nearly as hostile as fans in other venues such as Philadelphia and Oakland but you may get some unfavorable comments from fans if you root for their opponents especially the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.

When attending an NFL game, one stadium that is among the most hostile to visiting fans is Gillete Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. This stadium is located just outside of Boston which is one of the most passionate sports cities in the nation. At the home field of the Patriots, the fans are quite rowdy and will likely show some hostility to fans who root for their opponents. Patriots fans will usually make negative remarks to you or even pour beverages on you in order to let you know that they are not fond of you rooting for their home team’s opponent. You will likely deal with quite a bit of hostility if you are rooting for the Patriots main rivals such as the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos and the New York Giants.